Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oil and its effects on the ocean wildlife

“Effects of Oil on Wildlife” by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority talks about how birds are not the only ones affected by oil spills. They are the ones that are seen the most in pictures on the news but marine mammals are affected and even small oil spills have a grate effect on them. As known not all oils are the same and due to that fact the oil spills impacts the marine mammals in different ways. The oil affects the animals as it creates a thick coat around them and as time goes by the stickier the oil gets which makes it harder to get it off. But as not oils are the same, oil that’s not sticky can also affect the wild life. They might not be sticky and the oil does not stay on the water as long as the other kind this oil affects the animals as it is much more poisonous. Other factors that impact the effect of the oil on the animals is the time they get to the oil, the weather conditions, and the location the oil reaches.
This article gives very important information as it covers not only how the oil affects the mammals and wildlife but as well it lets you know that there are different types of oil. It lets you know how each type of oil affects the animals and how the animals respond to the oil. I believe the article is very informing and gives an insight on the impacts the oil has on the wildlife. Effects of Oil on Wildlife


  1. You did a great job on your summary response for this article. It is really interesting due to the fact that it is a big problem to this world and worries most people. It is a good article relating to your obsession. You could of maybe taken a little bit out of your summary part, but overall you did great!

  2. Nice job on this summary response, Raquel.